About us

Always, Elizabeth is named after my grandmother whose middle name was Elizabeth.  She is the person who ignited my passion for fashion.  I still remember one grandparents day when I was a kid we would invite our grandparents to come to school with us and I she showed up in this camo print jumpsuit and a great pair of heels and I was so proud and enamored with her and her unbelievable style. 

That was My Grandma!  She was so chic!!  When I was little and we would visit I would run to her closet and look at her beautiful clothing, grab a great pair of heels and some costume jewelry and just walk around the house like that.  Some of my best memories of my childhood involved her.  So this is my tribute to her and a visual love letter.  
I have had a love of fashion ever since and have been in fashion since I was 15.  I went to school for fashion and had a store for 13 years before Always, Elizabeth was born. 
Always, Elizabeth is place to find highly curated vintage as well as sustainably made, for good, women owned, small batch and made in the USA brands.  10% of all sales each month are donated to a local woman's charity.